Signature treatments

Time to feel good? Find the appropriate treatment and enjoy our organic Nordic products.


Perfect after a long journey or if you have been retaining a lot of fluid. This
detoxifying treatment stimulates the body and combats cellulite, and is tailored
according to your needs and concerns. Techniques such as connective tissue massage,
heat wraps and classic mas- sage make this treatment an excellent start to
– or part of – a detox.

Length: 120 minutes
Price: SEK 2790


Techniques inspired by cranial sacral work to soothe the central nervous system
in what is one of our most popular treatments. Your feet are placed in a rocking
device, impacting the whole body, deepening your sense of relaxation and enhancing
the quality of your sleep. Perfect if you are suffering from jet-lag or if you
simply need to unwind and re-connect with yourself.

Length: 120 minutes
Price: SEK 2790


This results-oriented treatment is a boost for the whole body. Targeting cellulite, it exfoliates, cleanses and firms, leaving the skin hydrated with a healthy glow. Heating and cooling is used to increase the circulation, and a combination of lymphatic and connective tissue massage cleanses the body of toxins and excess fluid. Well-developed techniques for the stomach help optimise the digestive process. Leave with a feeling of relaxation, lightness and well-being – not least because the treatment ends with a scalp and foot massage. 

Length: 90 minutes
Price: SEK 2995


Time for a real reboot! A heavy dry brushing to remove dry skin and a nutritious herb wrap to increase circulation and give the skin deep luster. Meanwhile, receice a soothing massage of the scalp. Thereafter, a quiet moment in a private steam room before finishing with a massage of the neck, hands and feet.

Length: 90 minutes
Price: SEK 2300


Even natural Nordic beauty sometimes needs a helping hand. Give it a boost with an organic Scandinavian cranberry scrub and a steam bath in the privacy of a treatment room, followed by an aroma massage and a nourishing treatment for the face using our organic products.
Perfect all-in-one treatment.

Length: 90 minutes
Price: SEK 2300 



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