The Cadier Bar

Everybody feels at home at the Cadier Bar, Stockholmers and hotel guests alike. This spectacular bar is a popular gathering spot for an after work drink, informal meetings and nights out on the town, bubbling with Champagne. Hungry? Check out our bar menu. You’ll also find an à la carte breakfast, lunch and of course afternoon tea for those who have difficulty tearing themselves away from our comfy sofas. The bar is named after Régis Cadier, French chef and the founder of the hotel.

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Tel: + 46 8 679 35 85

We only accept reservations until 5 pm. Our dress code is smart casual. Gentlemen must wear long trousers after 6 pm.  Please note that the Cadier bar is cash-free.


The Swedish National Day, Monday 6th of June
8 am - 1 am

Monday - Wednesday  7 am - 1 am
Thursday-Friday 7 am - 2 am
Saturday 8 am - 2 am
Sunday 8 am - 1 am


A genuine hotel bar always has a special atmosphere, wherever it may be in the world. It is a place for meetings, home-sickness, solitude, one-to-ones, daydreaming and people-watching, especially when the bar is located just next to the lobby, where people are always coming and going. The Grand Hôtel's own Cadier Bar is just such a place, with the right character and ambiance.

The Cadier Bar was remodelled in 2006 when a part of the earlier French Dining Room and the hotel lobby were detached to create a large and elegant bar with a fantastic view over the harbour, Old Town and the Royal Palace, perhaps the best view from any hotel bar. A number of large seating groups also help to create a relaxed, intimate atmosphere.

The bar was named after the Grand Hôtel's founder, Régis Cadier. It was an obvious choice. From day one, Régis Cadier established the Grand Hôtel as a haven for lovers of good food and wine. He lived for a while in nextdoor Bolinderska Palatset, now a part of the Grand Hôtel, where he moved into the apartment once occupied by L. O. Smith, a Swedish 19th-century liquor baron.

Since opening, the Cadier Bar has received a long series of awards for its range of drinks, atmosphere, location and skilled bar staff.