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The Veranda Menu

Salt cured and blackened whiting fillet with emulsion of herbs, cockles and potato crisps

The Veranda's version of Filet Mignon, Black and white

Crème Brûlée
SEK 680 


Assorted herring with Västerbotten cheese
SEK 175

Kalix bleak roe with sour cream and red onion
SEK 415

Pickled whiting fillet with herb emulsion, cockles and potato chips
SEK 205

Pickled pumpkin with cauliflower foam, endive salad with water cress, jalapeño and beurre noisette
SEK 155

Beef tartar with salsify, vinegar foam, roasted onion and sorrel mayonnaise
SEK 235

Norwegian King crab with sriracha mayonnaise, fennel dill, papaya and green mango
SEK 275

Main course

Cured cod loin, lightly baked with variation of pumpkin, apple butter sauce and Avruga caviar
SEK 305

Butter fried pike-perch from Hjälmaren with mushrooms, spinach, Kalix bleak roe and spring onion omelette
SEK 345

The Veranda's version of Filet Mignon, Black and white
SEK 395

Variation of dove with polenta, foie gras filled tortellini, Madeira gravy and lingonberries
SEK 385

Wild boar terrine with truffle, hung curd, roasted hazelnuts and mushrooms
SEK 295

Pumpkin risotto with herb salad, fried pumpkin, truffle and almonds
SEK 205

Classic Veranda Dishes

Salt cured salmon with dill seasoned creamed potatoes
SEK 230

Mr. Hepburn’s salad with chicken, bacon and avocado
SEK 250

Veal burger à la Wallenberg with clarified butter, potatoe purée, lingon berries and green peas
SEK 260

Diced fillet of beef, potato and onion with a Dijon mustard cream and egg yolk
SEK 350


Candy Box à la the Veranda
SEK 120

Luke warm chocolate cake with banana ice cream, chili syrup and pistachio
SEK 110

Swiss roll filled with blackcurrant crème served with hazelnut ice cream, raw preserved blackcurrant and hazelnut crème
SEK 115

Warm cloudberries with vanilla ice cream
SEK 190

Crème Brûlée
SEK 120

Petit four
SEK 45