The Veranda’s themed menu weeks

Throughout the year we celebrate the changing of the seasons and traditional festivities with themed menu weeks at the Veranda restaurant. First up is our Västerbotten buffet, followed by an Easter buffet, a crayfish party, shellfish weeks, our Mårten Gås goose fête and a spectacular Christmas smörgåsbord. And we ring in the New Year with a grandiose New Year’s supper. Book a table in good time, our themed menus are very popular!

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Monday January 1, 2018
1-4 pm & 6-10 pm
SEK 565
Children 6-12 years SEK 260


A true Swedish classic. Since 1991, the restaurant's guests have enjoyed well composed dishes from one of the country's most traditional culinary regions. 

Friday January 19 – Sunday February 11, 2018
Monday to Friday 6-10 pm
Weekends 1-4 pm & 6-10 pm
SEK 585
Children 6-12 years SEK 260


Maundy Thursday 6-10 pm
Good Friday - Easter Sunday
12 noon - 3 pm, 3:30-6:30 pm, 6-10 pm
Easter Monday 1-4 pm, 6-10 pm
SEK 585
Children 6-12 years SEK 260


Thursday August 9, 2018
6-10 pm
SEK 905
Children 6-12 years SEK 385


Fall is the season for seafood at the Veranda. Our shellfish extravaganza is a feast of the finest shellfish that the sea has to offer, as well as all the accompaniments that enhance the flavour and enjoyment of these seafood delicacies.

Wednesday September 19 – Sunday October 14, 2018
Saturdays 3:30-6 pm & 8-11 pm
Sundays 1-4 pm & 6-10 pm
Weekdays 6-10 pm
SEK 1445
Children 6-12 years SEK 515, 4-6 years SEK 295

Wine list


Just like every year, the Veranda welcomes all those who like goose, "black soup" and apple pie for Mårten Gås, a goose festival that originates in the southern Swedish county of Skåne.

Traditional goose dinner in the evenings from 10 November - 12 November
SEK 695 for a three course evening menu

Black soup with giblets (or oxtail consommé)
Fried goose with red cabbage
Apple cake with vanilla sauce

The ordinary à la carte menu is always available.


In December the Veranda's usual smörgåsbord, gives way to a lavish Christmas buffet. Throughout December the Veranda serves up a magnificent seasonal smörgåsbord
that includes all the traditional Swedish Christmas dishes.

Starts 30 November
6 pm (dinner only)
1 December - 23 December
three seatings; 12 noon, 3.30 pm and 7.30 pm
Price SEK 785 (Children 4-6 years SEK 195 and Children 6-12 years SEK 385)

24 December and 25 December
two seatings; 3.30 pm and 7.30 pm
26 December
two seatings; 1 pm and 6 pm
Price SEK 915


27 December - 30 December 
1 pm and 6 pm

31 December
1 pm
Price SEK 555 


On New Years Eve we serve our traditional supper from 7 pm.

Siberian Sturgeon Caviar with crème fraiche and shallots
​Smoked salmon roe with crème fraiche and shallots

Blackened Swedish tartar of veal with Kalix bleak roe and sour cream

Mid teaser
Creel caught langoustine with Avruga caviar and browned butter mayonnaise

Granite of pear with pear foam

Main course
Swedish dry-aged tenderloin with duck liver, cauliflower purée, brussel sprouts, lemon thyme, shallots and winter truffles


Grilled Turbot with green gnocchi, beurre blanc, Avruga caviar and mushroom cream

Chocolate ganache of Valhrona with rosehip, raisin ice cream, pecans and orange consommé 

Price SEK 1850 (Children 6-12 years SEK 745)

Are you allergic, do not forget to ask us what the food contains.