All of our facials start with a thorough skin analysis, after which we select the appropriate products and facial techniques. Using advanced biodynamic skin care products, together with massage, cupping, acupressure and lymphatic drainage, we eliminate
impurities from deeper levels of the epidermis, allowing cells to regenerate and radiate.


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A powerful firming treatment tailored to the skin’s current condition, bringing out its natural radiance. Using cooling products, essential acids and boosters, the treatment helps reduce fine lines and dark circles, for immediate and long-term results. The treatment was developed exclusively for our spa by experts behind the Biologique Recherche. These high-quality products are administered solely by specially-trained skin therapists, with specific experience in this product line. The results are glowing to say the least.

Length: 60 / 90 min
Price: SEK 2300 / 2995


Experience the true craftsmanship of our skilled beauty therapists, who will combine the appropriate products and techniques for your skin. Whether you wish to slow the signs of aging, erase dark circles under your eyes or simply freshening up tired, stressed skin, we have the treatment for you. The facial can be as gentle or vigorous as you like or your skin allows.
The 90 minute is a complete treat, with a more in-depth treatment, including massage and nurturing products for your feet and hands too.

Length: 60 / 90 min
Price: sek 1795 / 2095


Add-on for facials
Cupping massage is a deep treatment, which stimulates the skin using a vacuum, improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Get rid of puffiness, and leave with revitalized skin and a healthy glow. Can be combined with all facials.

Length: 20 min
Price: sek 550


(Add-on for Tailor-made Facial)
Eyebrow colour, brow shaping, eyelash colour

Length: 30 min
Price: sek 610


Facial acupuncture is the most effective way to rejuvenate your appearance. The needles stimulate and promote the production of collagen, a fibrous protein that makes the skin tighter and smoother. For visible and lasting results, we recommend our package of eight sessions.

Length: 60 min
Price: sek 1795 or sek 11995 for 8 sessions


Facial reflexology is a therapeutic approach to anti-aging. Here the skin is rejuvenated through pressure point stimulation, which enhances the production of collagen and boosts circulation, with immediate result. As a bonus, the whole body benefits from the treatment.

Length: 60 min
Price: sek 1795


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