Nordic Spa & Fitness

How can we make your day a perfect one? Enjoy a classic Swedish massage, delight in a beauty treatment, be challenged by our personal trainers, visit our doctor of traditional Chinese medicine or stretch out with our chiropractor. Here, at the Nordic Spa & Fitness, we offer a handpicked team of therapists, coaches and specialists waiting to lend a helping hand.

So what exactly does the concept of Nordic entail? What immediately comes to mind is wholesomeness, closeness to nature and a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. This forms the foundation of our spa, found in the granite from Grythyttan, Rauk stones from Gotland and the invigorating contrast between the outdoor chill and indoor warmth.

Proximity to the sea, and the islands and nature of the Stockholm archipelago is the inspiration behind a spa far from the ordinary. Relax in a sauna and take a refreshing dip, just like in the skerries. Feel tranquillity in our beautiful, late-summer warm pool. Fit in an energizing and empowering visit to our gym. Enjoy a treatment that relaxes or revives, depending on one’s state of mind.

Come a little closer to life.

Telephone: +46 8 679 35 75