Micheln Star shower


Chef Bjorn Frantzén and his eponymous restaurant became Sweden's first ever three-Michelin-star restaurant when The Michelin Guide to the Nordic Countries 2018 was released. Mathias Dahlgren’s Matbaren at Grand Hôtel was awarded with a 9th consecutive Michelin star.

The complete list of Stockholm’s Michelin Star Restaurants

Three stars Frantzén
Two Stars Oaxen
One Star Agrikultur, Aloë, Ekstedt, Esperanto, Gastrologik, Imouto, Matbaren, Operakällaren, Sushi Sho, Volt

Love is in the air


Love is in the air

February 14th. The day of L.O.V.E. 

We don't think there's any better way to celebrate this very day than at a 5-star luxury hotel in the heart of Stockholm. 

How to spend your day at the hotel?
*clears throat*

1. Enter the hotel at lunch. Leave your luggage with one of our lovely portiers. You will get access to your room from 3 pm.
2. Check in, dress up in your fanciest swimming suites and wave hello to our Spa.
3. Drink something bubbly in the Relax area in between the sauna visits.
4. Wait... the clock says 5 pm! Boy, time flies while having fun. Get your keys and ask to get the luggage delivered to your room. 
5. No stress. Your dinner reservation at the Veranda isn't until 7 pm. You have loads of time to admire the beautiful view from your room and... well. 
6. Pre dinner drinks at the Cadier bar. Bartender's choice: Bittersweet Maryrose.
7. Dinner at the Veranda. 
8. Another Bittersweet Maryrose. Or two. 
9. Nightie night! Time to sleep. 
10. ZzZZzleep in. 
11. Breakfast time! Of course there's a generous breakfast buffet ready for you at the Veranda. Breakfast in bed sounds quite nice though... No probs! Only one phone call away. Room Service at your service.
12. Back at it at the Spa. Let the heated pool gently caress your well rested bodies.
13. 12 pm and time to say good bye. Hope to see you soon!     



Fettisdagen (The Fat Tuesday) is coming! In Sweden that means Semlor. Loads of them. A traditional Swedish pastry of sweet wheat dough with cardamom, cut in half, stuffed with almond paste and whipped cream. 

A must-try! Here you'll find three quality guaranteed Semlor:
1. Green Rabbit, Tegnérgatan 17
2. Konditori Ritorno, Odengatan 80
3. Stinas Bageri, Frejgatan 46


Picture: Clara & Co



We are now celebrating Västerbotten which is a province in the very north of Sweden (known as West Bothnia). Revel in loads of delecacies from the province at the Veranda until February 11. You will find interesting tastes such as reindeer chips, the famous Västerbotten cheese, moose burgers with Swedish mushrooms, lingonberry cheesecake and caramel pudding with cloudberry jelly. 

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Picture: Helena Gunnare

The first snow has arrived


Ice skating? Traditional Christmas market? Swedish Christmas treats? Here are some of our Christmas favourites around the city:

  • Ice Skating
    Kungsträdgården, mon-sun to 9 pm

  • Christmas Market in Old Town (Traditional)
    Stortorget, mon-sun 11 am-6 pm (Dec 2-23)

  • Christmas Market at Skansen (Traditional)
    Skansen, 10 am-4 pm (Nov 25-26, Dec 2-3, 9-10 and 16-17)

  • Christmas Market at Beckmans (Design Students)
    Brahegatan 10, Östermalm (Dec 9-10)

  • Extra Nice Christmas Marke(Organic and Fairtrade)
    Sveavägen 41 (Dec 2-3)

  • Royal Christmas Market at the Royal Palace (Outside the City)
    Drottningholms Slott (Dec 9-10)

Picture: Stockholms Bildbank

Christmas in the wine cellar


During Christmas, Mathias Dahlgren and his crew at Matbaren offer a Christmas dinner in Grand Hôtel's wine cellar. Classic Swedish Christmas flavours in a new take with matching wines. For more information, contact Simon Samuelsson