Nordic bathing ritual

The tradition of saunas and cold baths runs deep in Nordic bathing culture. At the very first Swedish bathhouse, founded in 1269, the women who worked there used birch twigs to whip clients’ skin to a tingling pink freshness. But by 1726, bathhouses had fallen into disrepute
and were closed down, not opening again until the 1820s.
Respectability restored, the Nordic bathing ritual of today is more gentle and caring. The treatment relaxes tired muscles, detoxes and boosts circulation. 

Here is how:

• Relax in the sauna, breathing in the rich pine.
• Plunge into the cold pool, or take a cold bucket shower. This closes your pores and boosts your immune system.
• Repeat the sauna and plunge as many times as it feels good. The more the better.

Looking for even more luxury? Then choose the Nordic Bathing De Luxe ritual, which includes our own Swedish ecological products. Ask the staff for more information.
If you prefer a more traditional spa experience, try our UV purified and sand-filtered 32°C (98.6°F) pool. You will also find a steam bath and hydrotherapy pool. Swimsuits can be purchased at the reception.


Sneak away from it all or treat a friend to a relaxing time together. The combination of sauna and cold water, exfoliating scrub and nourishing mask, revitalizes and renews. Apply the products yourself at your own pace following our instructions. Start by giving yourself a thorough dry skin brushing! In addition to the entrance fee, the experience includes a glass of sparkling champagne and homemade chocolate, an invigorating Scandinavian cranberry scrub, a nourishing facemask and a healing hair pack. Finish up the experience by applying our delightful massage candle, and take home an organic dry skin brush.

Length: As long as it takes – but count on at least 2 hours (available Monday to Thursday)
Price: SEK 1450 or SEK 600 as an add-on treatment


Telephone: +46 8 679 35 75