The following cookies are used on the website

Session cookie used by the content management system to remember if the user has activated Javascript

_gat och _ga och _gid
Used by Google Analytics for website statistics.

Manage the users language preference.

Manage newsletter popup and how often it should display.

Cookie from Sitegainer, used to manage A/B tests.

Cookies for online marketing/advertisting and unclassified cookies
tuuid_last_update(,,,, tuuid(,,,, sto-id-20480-bh(, ss(, sess(, rum(, pb_rtb_ev(, guid(, fr(, c(, bku(, bkdc(, anj(, _kuid_(, __kus(, __kuid(, V(, SEUNCY(, IDE(, CMST(, CMSC(, CMRUM3(, CMPS(, CMPRO(, CMID(, CMDD(


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